Sun, olives and endless summer

With the end of August, summer is slowly disappearing and all that relaxation, vacations, sun, salt and sea. In order to keep that feeling as long as possible, we made pictures of our new nightgown and decorative mat for the home that can remind us of a wonderful summer all year round.

For pleasant nights throughout the year and for all those romantics, we designed a new nightgown. This nightgown is made of cotton fabric with a fairy-tale floral pattern. It is slightly wrinkled under the chest and has adjustable straps for a more comfortable feeling. We can imagine a sleepy morning as the warm rays of the sun break through the windows and we wake up in this nightgown, put on a robe and make a cup of the most fragrant coffee.

The decorative mat in the shape of a rose made of natural jaundice is perfect for summer picnics or it can simply decorate your home either as a decorative rug, folded over the couch or as a play mat for the youngest ones. We make the decorative mat in several sizes and it comes packaged in a jaundice bag. Timeless jaundice with its natural texture and color fits into any space and give it a note of warmth, and the shape of a rose provides a feeling of femininity and romance.

With the end of August, we are preparing for another beautiful season and we are slowly beginning to catch that autumn fever where we are preparing our home in the most comfortable place we can enjoy in the coming months.